Terms Of Services

Terms Of Services

Terms of use of this site
jebidal.com is the official Holders of intellectual property rights on all licenses are included and published in this blog. Every visitor of this blog agree and comply with the terms and conditions that apply to this blog. If there is a visitor who does not agree with the terms and conditions applicable prohibited from accessing this blog. Any material and content on this blog are protected by applicable intellectual copyright and trademark law.

Each permitted to download and print the page or blog’s content for a specific purpose related to personal use during the approval of the copyright owner or license that is jebidal.com. Although permitted to download or print the page for personal use, there are some things that are strictly forbidden and not allowed to relate to the license:
Publications for commercial purposes, such as sell, rent or share ownership of licensed content from this blog.
Reproduce, duplicate or to copy all, part or a small part of the content of this blog for the purpose of republishing through online media like blogs and sites or offline media such as digital media or print media so as to cause damage to the owner of the license.
Alter or modify the content of this blog.
Distribute the content of this blog, unless the content is deliberately made to be distributed.
Accepted usage
visitors should not use this blog in any way causing this blog damage caused sehinggan this blog can not be accessed. visitors may not store, copy, store, publish or distribute the content associated with spyware, Trojan horses, computer viruses or other computer software that is dangerous. Visitors also are not allowed to perform automatic data collection, systematic and massive in relation to use this blog as scraping, data mining, framing, the data extraction or data harvesting.

This blog is made as they are, so we can not guarantee the stated or implied that this site will always be available or be available forever and the accuracy of the information or content located on this blog.

If visitors need information about medical, financial, legal or other professional fields, visitors are expected to consult with an expert even if there is content related to the information you need.

Any violation of the terms and conditions
In the event of a breach of these terms and conditions by visitors or users of this blog, then jebidal.com entitled to take any action deemed necessary and appropriate to address the violation of your ban the use of this blog, your IP blocking, contact your internet service provider (ISP) you to block your access to resort to the courts or law.

Variations and changes
jebidal.com reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time if needed change. Revisions or changes can be made without notice to users or visitors to the blog. These terms and conditions shall be valid from this day, the day of the publication of the terms and conditions page. Expected check periodically to make sure the terms and conditions applicable at that time also included the revision or changes.

overall agreement
Terms and conditions along with a disclaimer and privacy policy is an agreement between jebidal.com in relation the use of blogs jebidal.com. By accessing this blog, any visitors or users have to agree to the terms and overall this agreement.